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randomrandom - a meta-random homepage

Your New Tab page isn't random enough. Let's make it more inspirational.

See, John Herrman made this fantastic list of randomisers: you set your New Tab URL to one of the URLs from the list, and each time you spawn a new blank tab you'll see a random Wikipedia page, or street view, or huge GIF - whatever you choose.

But what if you don't want to choose? Then you set your New Tab Page to , and a randomiser will be randomly picked from this list:

(NOTE: I omitted the random subreddit link because I just couldn't face it. Feel free to fork and reinstate, but you do so at the risk of severe unhappiness.)

How to use this in your browser

In these instructions I suggest you point to the copy hosted on Github using this URL...

... but if you care about speed (and who doesn't?) it's faster to save a copy of the file locally (or clone this git repository) and use a file URL.

Anyway, once you have a URL:


You have to install the New Tab Redirect extension. (Yes, an extension is required. No, there's no easy way of doing this in Chrome by itself. Yes, that's odd.)


You have to install the New Tab Homepage extension. (Yes, just like Chrome. I know.)

Internet Explorer

The easiest way is:

  • set the URL as your homepage in Tools -> Internet Options
  • find the Tabs settings
  • open the Tabbed Browsing Settings dialog box
  • in the When a new tab is opened, open list, choose Your First Home Page
  • click OK twice


Similar to Internet Explorer (though not entirely):

  • Open Preferences, go to the General tab
  • For New tabs open with, choose Homepage
  • In the Homepage field, enter the URL