Apply a Blur Effect to GNOME Shell UI elements
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GNOME Shell Extension - Blyr

License: GPL v3 Donate

Apply a Blur Effect to GNOME Shell UI elements


Activities Background Blur:

Overview with a blur intensity of 10:

Overview with a blur intensity of 30:

Panel Blur:

GNOME Shell 3.26 only:

Extension Preferences:



Install blyr using the official repository:


git clone
cd gnome-shell-extension-blyr/
make local-install

Now just restart the Shell and enable the extension.

To remove the extension just run:

make local-uninstall


On some Ubuntu installs the preferences dialog won't open. To fix the issue install the gtkclutter bindings as follows:

sudo apt install gir1.2-gtkclutter-1.0


If you like this extension, maybe consider donating to support its continuing development. :)