Erlang websocket client (ws and wss supported)
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Erlang Websocket Client

Build Status

Existing features

  1. Client to Server Masking
  2. gen_server like callback behaviour
  3. Handshake validation
  4. tcp and ssl support
  5. Handling of text, binary, ping, pong, and close frames
  6. Handling of continuation frames


For basic usage, please see the source files in the examples/ directory. Writing a handler is easy:




start_link() ->
    websocket_client:start_link("wss://", ?MODULE, []).

init([], _ConnState) ->
    websocket_client:cast(self(), {text, <<"message 1">>}),
    {ok, 2}.

websocket_handle({pong, _}, _ConnState, State) ->
    {ok, State};
websocket_handle({text, Msg}, _ConnState, 5) ->
    io:format("Received msg ~p~n", [Msg]),
    {close, <<>>, 10};
websocket_handle({text, Msg}, _ConnState, State) ->
    io:format("Received msg ~p~n", [Msg]),
    BinInt = list_to_binary(integer_to_list(State)),
    {reply, {text, <<"hello, this is message #", BinInt/binary >>}, State + 1}.

websocket_info(start, _ConnState, State) ->
    {reply, {text, <<"erlang message received">>}, State}.

websocket_terminate({close, Code, Payload}, _ConnState, State) ->
    io:format("Websocket closed in state ~p wih code ~p and payload ~p~n",
              [State, Code, Payload]),

The above code will send messages to the echo server that count up from 1. It will also print all replies from the server:

Received msg <<"this is message 1">>
Received msg <<"hello, this is message #3">>
Received msg <<"hello, this is message #4">>
Received msg <<"hello, this is message #5">>
Received msg <<"hello, this is message #6">>

Erlang is typically used to write server applications. Now that applications like cowboy supporting websocket applications are more commonplace, it is important to have a compliant websocket client for benchmarking and debugging purposes.

This client implements a cowboy like websocket_client_handler to interact with a websocket server. Currently, it can connect via tcp or ssl via the ws and wss protocols. It can also send and receive contiguous text or binary websocket frames.


The client as is is still missing a lot of functionality. We still need to:

  1. Close the connection in a number of error cases (malformed headers, etc).
  2. Add tests!! (hint hint)
  3. Stop using verify_none by default

This is being released without the above functionality in case it is useful as is for benchmarking or debugging as mentioned above (this is the case for me). The hope is that the community (and me, as time permits) will contribute key pieces to the codebase so that the major pieces are taken care of.