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kindle-seforim is a collection of seforim in kindle ebook format, and in epub format, based on Orayta-Books & sefaria.

This is a work in progress so there will be updates and changes coming.

Please file an issue if there are any mistakes or if you need a different format or sefer.


To download just the finished ebooks


  • Shnaim Mikra
  • Rambam with marks for 3 chapter
  • Chumash with Rashi
  • Nach
  • Talmud with Rashi
  • Steinsaltz talmud hebrew/english


  • add more seforim.


  • clone the reository.
  • you may need to run git submodules init and git submodules update to get the submodule libraries.


  • run the scripts using make script_name for example make rambam to parse the html and save to intermediate then convert the html to a kindle ebook (.azw3) in output
  • to zip up the completed files for release make release


kindle-seforim uses the following libraries:

  • Orayta-Books source of the seforim. licensed under the CC and or GDPL licenses
  • wikisource source of the seforim. licensed under the CC 3.0 license
  • sefaria source of the seforim. licensed under the CC license
  • calibre ebook conversion library. Copyright (c) Kovid Goyal licensed under the GNU GPL v3 license

Thank you


kindle-seforim is Copyright (c) 2018 Yparitcher

ebooks licensed under the authors license mostly CC BY-NC-SA

for font licenses look in the fonts folder

scripts source code licensed under The MIT License (MIT)