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a modular sms query bot written in C for responding to sms commands via email
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sms-bot is a modular sms query bot for responding to sms commands via email.

This is a work in progress so there will be updates and changes coming.


sms-bot uses a Gmail account to listen for texts and respond based on the query. It is designed to be run as a daemon that will check the email for new texts, parse them and respond.


sms-bot requires:


  • make a Gmail account (preferable to use a dedicated one so as not to interfere with regular emails).
  • turn on support for less secure apps.
  • sign up for Weather underground api and get your api key.
  • edit the systemd service file to your liking see smsbot.service.example.
  • edit the .conf file by adding your:
    • email
    • user:password
    • prefered mms response suffix (for messages over 160 characters)
    • weather underground key see smsbot.conf.example.


  • run git clone
  • you may need to run git submodules init and git submodules update to get the submodule libraries.
  • run make.
  • copy the resulting smsbot file to /usr/bin/.
  • copy your smsbot.service to /etc/systemd/system/.
  • copy your smsbot.conf to /etc/smsbot/ (you may have to make the folder).
  • to start the service run systemctl start smsbot.service.


  • for the current weather send a text to the email address with the zipcode #weather 00501
  • for the forecast send a text to the email address with the zipcode #forecast 00501, optionally including the amount of days #forecast 00501 5. the default is 2 days.


sms-bot uses the following ibraries:

  • parson library to parse json. Copyright (c) 2012 - 2017 Krzysztof Gabis licensed under the MIT licence
  • ini library for the config file. Copyright (c) 2016 rxi licensed under the MIT licence

Thank you


sms-bot is Copyright (c) 2018 Yparitcher licensed under The MIT License (MIT)

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