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One file Simple databaseless image browser.

Use: Stick it in the root level of a hierarcy of photos and call it up.

If an image file has a thumbnail in it then extract it and display it.
If it does not then generate a thumbnail and cache it.
By forcing the display of the image with a <img> tag to go via this file we can
protect the directories that the image files are in, scale them, watermark them,
restrict them accordingly.

http:.../ImageBrowser.php/?p=<sub_directory_path> - display thumbnails in directory

Internally it uses: 

http:.../?p=<sub_directory_path>&i=<image_file>    - display image thumbnail
http:.../?p=<sub_directory_path>&i=<image_file>&f  - display image preview page.
http:.../?p=<sub_directory_path>&i=<image_file>&fi - display image preview (callback from <img> tag).

optional arg: &noexif - will cause all EXIF thumbnails to be ignored.

To avoid the display of the PHP filename you can map index.php to it in your .htaccess file.


To remove all the generated image thumbs
sudo find . -name ".thumbs" -exec rm -r -v \{\} \;