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My X keyboard extension configuration

My keyboard layout (mix between QWERTZ and Neo2 which I later refer to as qNeo2).

I highly customized my keyboard layout for optimal efficiency and ergonomic. It is a mix between the default German QWERTZ (which I was used to) and the awesome Neo2 layout. I decided to mix these two layouts because I could not force myself to entirely switch to Neo2 and because I wanted to be able to shortly use other systems without more pain than necessary.


I started with a .Xmodmap file and it did almost everything what I wanted but certain things could not be accomplished with xmodmap:

  • Settings like producing the symbol '0' with:

    <Alt Gr> + <space>

    did not work.

  • Xmodmap settings where reset when switching to another virtual consoles.

  • No easy and/or fast way to switch to the normal QWERTZ layout (the xmodmap command usually took it‘s 5 seconds to terminate).

  • Could only be used when logged in not before (I had to remember if my settings where already in effect when typing in passwords).

So I decided to implement my layout using xkb.


I just modified the original neo definition in the de symbols file.

To use my modified version just run the deploy script as root:


Then either enable 'German (Neo 2)' in your window manager (for example Gnome 3) or run ./enable (in as normal user).

After enabling it, your default keyboard layout will be Neo2 with the QWERTZ layout. The Gnome keyboard tool can show you the mapping for all keys. Also the program NeoLayoutViewer can be used to quickly look up the Neo2 layout.

Note that you can switch to the normal layout (as specified in the keyboard file) with the scroll lock key or with tools your window manager provides.

Known issues

  • On openSUSE in a VirtualBox VM the Shift+Layer3Mod+s ι and other greek signs can not be entered. Remapping the key in symbols/de to a sign which works does not help. xev stays quite when Shift+Layer3Mod+s is pressed.

Autohotkey on M$ Windows

The option to use the higher layers of Neo2 combined with the default QWERTZ layout is actually supported by NeoVars under Windows which is pretty nice.

All you have to do to get it is to create a INI file under %APPDATA%\Neo2\Neo2.ini with the content of this file and download neo20.exe and start it.

As of 2018 I compile my own neo-vars Autohotkey binary with additional hotkeys and so on. Also, I made QWERTZ the default so that the INI file is not required anymore. You can find the source and compiled version here: ../windows/neo-vars/

  • Tested on Windows 7
  • Tested on Windows 10


  • Does not work in Powershell terminal emulator when running as admin. The keyboard layout is "reverted" to the default one. This seems to be a security feature because qNeo2 works when running Powershell in user context.

  • Some other quirks when working longer over Cygwin ssh or Putty on a Linux server and making heavy use of qNeo2. This is really bad on Windows 7. On Windows 10, it seems to be resolved fortunately.


On older systems you might need the current version of the Neo2 xkb files before copying over the de file. See the Wiki page about installing Neo2.