Make NVDA translate any spoken text to the desired language.
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Make NVDA translate any spoken text to the desired language.


This add-on installs like any other add-un: Press enter on the "translate-x.y.nvda-addon" file, and answer "Yes" to all questions asked.


When installed, the add-on will detect the language your NVDA installation is set to, or will get the Windows active language as a fallback. This language will be used to translate any spoken text, when the feature is activated. Note: Iit is currently not possible to set this manually within a Preferences dialog, this may however be implemented in a future release.

Then, to enable or disable the translation, press NVDA+Shift+Control+T. This gesture can be modified within NVDA Preferences menu -> Command Gestures dialog.

How it works

When active, the add-on will intercept any spoken text and connect to the Google Translate system to translate it to the desired language. This means that any text can be translated, from any app or game that uses NVDA to speak text, to websites.


Please, be aware that when the feature is active, any spoken text is sent to the Google Translate service. It means that any spoken information will be sent, whatever this could be (a simple sentence, file names within your Windows Explorer, mail content, contacts, phone numbers, or even credit card numbers). It is therefore important to activate this feature only when you're certain of which text your NVDA will speak. This module has been primarily developed to be used within games, so no privacy concerns are present. You're free to used it with whatever you want, but at your own risks.

About Performances

You may notice that when the feature is active, there is a delay between each spoken text. This is due to the translate API: because the add-on do not use the non-free Google Translate API SDK, an HTTP connection is made each and every time a text has to be translated. Therefore, a 8mbps Internet connection is recommended for this feature to work correctly. Of course, the more bandwidth you have, the faster the translation will happen.

Contact and bug reports

  • If you encounter any issue while using this add-on, please create a GitHub issue so that it will be easily trackable.
  • Of course, Pull Requests are also welcomed if you want to extend the add-on or fix any issue.
  • To contact me, you can use the address: contact author