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config dotfiles from my linux setup
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Details Spesifications

Info Value
OS Manjaro
Desktop Environtment KDE Plasma
Device Host Lenovo Ideapad 110-14isk
Shell Zsh, bash
DM sddm
WM kwin, openbox
Icons papirus, luv icons
Font TerminessTTF Nerd Font Medium
Terminal konsole
Text Editor spacevim, visual studio code


Arch Linux


Info Value
Run on the screen neofetch
terminal clock tty-clock
system monitor gotop
Text Editor Spacevim
dock latte-dock

Manjaro Plasma Version


Info Value
Run on the screen neofetch
visualizer glava
weather info
dock latte-dock

Manjaro Openbox Version


Info Value
Run on the screen neofetch
visualizer cava
clock tty-clock
bar polybar
runner rofi

even on linux mint


Info Value
Run on the screen neofetch
visualizer glava
terminal clock tty-clock
Text Editpr Spacevim
weather info
dock latte-dock

The DotFiles

Repository ini berisikan beberapa konfigurasi yang saya gunakan untuk desktop linux saya.

Ricing Package

System Info

  • Neofetch powered by dylanaraps

    Saya merubah konfigurasi default neofetch menggunakan fontawesome. Untuk mengetes apakah konfigurasi fontawesome sudah dikenali pada system anda, cobalah untuk membuka terminal dan ketikkan kode berikut

     perl -CS -E 'say "\x{f19c}"'


    Jika hasilnya adalah icon university seperti gambar diatas, maka masukkan perintah ini pada file config neofetch anda.

    info "$(perl -CS -E 'say "\x{f19c}"') " title

    lakukan sesuai yang anda inginkan, atau anda dapat mencotoh konfigurasi milik saya yang dapat anda lihat disini.

    Jika hasil masih tanda kotak, anda dapat menginstall font seperti terminal awesome font atau nerd font, dalam konfigurasi ini saya menggunakan nerd font, link tertera di bawah.


an example font


  • Polybar powered by jaagr

    Konfigurasi dapat dilihat disini

Media Visualizer



  • Vimix-gtk-theme-git on AUR
  • Nomad look and feel by nomad desktop
  • Openbox theme hybrid with some tweaks on colors field powered by kexolino




  • Colorls iconize ls command powered by athityakumar
  • Animated pipes terminal screensaver powered by pipeseroni
  • exa A modern version of ‘ls’ by ogham


  • ZSH should be installed. If not pre-installed (zsh --version to confirm), check the following instruction below here :

    • Please run zsh --version to confirm.
      • Expected result: zsh 5.1.1 or more recent
    • Please run echo $SHELL from a new terminal to confirm.
      • Expected result: /usr/bin/zsh or similar
  • if necessary, folow these steps to install zsh:

    sudo apt install zsh
    sudo pacman -S zsh
    sudo dnf install zsh
  • Make it your default shell: chsh -s $(which zsh)

    Note that this will not work if Zsh is not in your authorized shells list (/etc/shells) or if you don't have permission to use chsh. If that's the case you'll need to use a different procedure.

  • Logout and login back, if necessary please restart your system.

  • copy all .zshrc and .aliases to you $HOME

  • type this syntax in your terminal.

    source .zshrc
  • wait until installation process is complete XD.

  • and you can install other cool stuff like tty-clock, glava, cava, etc XD

  • happy ricing XD


Source is available under the Mit License

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