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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<table xmlns="" securityLevel="any" https="false">
<author>Ted Drake, Yahoo! Inc.</author>
<sampleQuery description="View number of licenses up for renewal in a given month for Verizon Wireless">select * from {table} where commonName="Verizon Wireless" and limit="3"</sampleQuery>
<description>This API returns the number of licenses up for renewal in a given month. The API returns 12 months worth of data.
This API provides summary information on the volume of licenses that are eligible for renewal in the upcoming months. This information is based solely on the expiration date on file with the license.
<select itemPath="Response.Stats" produces="XML">
<key id="commonName" type="xs:string" paramType="query" required="false"/>
<key id="limit" type="xs:string" paramType="query" required="false" default="10"/>