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<p>Open Data Tables are XML files that can be "plugged" into the Yahoo! Query Language open platform (YQL). These files describe how the YQL SQL-like language can be mapped onto any web service or source on internet. Once mapped, these data sources can be used by developers in many ways in YQL.</p>
<h2>What are Community Open Data Tables?</h2>
<p>While anyone can develop and share an open data table for YQL, we are encouraging the community of open data table developers to contribute their tables to the open data tables <a target="_blank" href="">github</a> project. This makes tables much easier to find and share, and try out in the YQL console.</p>
+ <h2>Why isn't this site on github?</h2>
+ <p>While github is a great source control site, it's not intended to serve content quickly. keeps a copy of the github master tree and automatically creates a single "env" file. Environment files enable the YQL console and web service to load up many open data tables from a single URL.</p>

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