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Loading… URL needs fixed #346

mediocrepat opened this Issue · 7 comments

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I had originally posted this under the fix, but it appears that issue is closed and I wanted to ensure this issue is open. Apologies for the crosspost.

It appears is broken. It's trying to pull on the below URL, which currently returns a 404.

Correct URL should be (example given for AAPL):


I suspect CashFlow and IncomeStatement are also broken now too. If this gets fixed, I'll post on those respective files.

Would love a fix for this!


I would love to see this fix as well.


I would also love to see this fixed as well, although it seems very unlikely - looking at the history of this. It is frustrating that Yahoo Finance has changed the URLs, so that the code breaks :-( I fear they have made other changes, which makes the fixing task more than just a matter of updating the URL build up in the code :-(


Check out gist below until the pull request gets approved:

Should work - let me know if not and I'll fix it.


Great - thanks! Looking forward to the approval of the pull request.


Thx canada4663 - the pull request finally went through and the YQL console for balancesheet now works nicely :-)


This is currently broken (2014-08-21)

It returns an error: "Exception while converting tidy sanitized html to Dom"

I'm not sure if the code needs to be fixed or if Yahoo need to fix YQL itself?


Could this trunghung@99094ed be causing the issue??

PS: Also applies to finance.incomestatement and finance.cashflow.

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