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I originally posted a good version of Then somehow an older corrupt version got merged in.

Now that I have more experience with the strange way that yql-tables is managed, I think what happened is:

  1. I forked yql-tables and issued a pull request that unfortunately had a bad in it.

  2. Someone else forked that bad version.

  3. Meanwhile, I was still editing away on and managed to get my changes pulled.

  4. Then, sometime later, the person from step 2 finished whatever changes they were doing on their COMPLETELY different section, and this ended up clobbering my new changes.

(Or maybe it had something to do with the fact that I made my own readme and then later noticed this also got pulled back to the master. I notified someone, and this got fixed, but maybe in fixing that they somehow also got my earlier bad version of

Whatever. So about 4 years ago, I noticed all this and tried to get it fixed to no avail. At that point I was frustrated with yql-tables maintenance and gave up. Somewhat later, sh1mmer (who I don't know) managed to post my good code (you can see my name still in the metadata) as (note the extra s).

Strangely(?) doesn't appear in ??? If it did, I presume I could fork the current repo, delete it myself, and send in a pull request?

Back to the present. The other day I noticed this:

Some of the answers refer to my Yahoo Finance Open Data Tables. And one showed a technique I wasn't aware of that seems to avoid having to use oauth (which I asked a question about 4 years ago but never got an answer to) Sooo... I've become motivated to look at YQL again and see if it can solve the problem of getting all Yahoo Stock tickers.

  • Anyway, I am now requesting that you delete

I am in the process of updating all my finance Open Data Tables (and perhaps making new ones). Once I am done, I will fork the current tree, delete, add my new fixed instead, and issue a pull request. Presumably doing that all within a few minutes will avoid the problem I had earlier (wherein I waited a week or two between forking and issuing a pull request)?

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