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fb55 commented Aug 5, 2011

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fb55 and others added some commits Aug 5, 2011
@fb55 fb55 won't trim text any more 18aa4a5
@fb55 fb55 removed trim function, removed redirect of readability & added datata…
… location of E4XasSAX.js
@fb55 fb55 added Object.create polyfill 408d83d
@fb55 fb55 added String.prototype.trim() again cc07fe9
@fb55 fb55 added support for onattribute to E4XasSAX b7a2aec
@spier @fb55 spier added {table} syntax 6e01dc3
@johtso @fb55 johtso Added jsonpost table 3364822
@spier @fb55 spier first klout test 4a3b114
@spier @fb55 spier fixed itemPath 466e085
@spier @fb55 spier trying all Klout APIs c95dd26
@spier @fb55 spier fixing batchable 5303081
@spier @fb55 spier fixing batchable f87076a
@spier @fb55 spier changing influenced_by 1b99940
@spier @fb55 spier batchable: kout.socre 8679789
@spier @fb55 spier batchable: 9e16c66
@spier @fb55 spier batchable: klout.user.topics 2ff4e0c
@spier @fb55 spier final fixes 01ff15b
@spier @fb55 spier spelling fixes d130788
@spier @fb55 spier fixing influencer/influencee description 1557d70
@houyhnhnm @fb55 houyhnhnm Changed the documenation location 13d3edb
@steveathon @fb55 steveathon Adding Search Appliance Table for JSON Searching fafa5c9
@spier @fb55 spier release 674d196
@spier @fb55 spier reverting two changes, so that pull requests becomes autonom 5184074
@fb55 unknown add table brazil.correios.frete 2469a0f
@renanvaz @fb55 renanvaz Edited brazil/correios/brazil.correios.frete.xml via GitHub ab88b39
@spier @fb55 spier first topsy test f2b9bc7
@spier @fb55 spier fixed key ID aff9a9f
@spier @fb55 spier changed response type 1ec5ee9
@spier @fb55 spier bulk addition 5dbd24f
@spier @fb55 spier batch d64eaf6
@spier @fb55 spier batch 06736dd
@spier @fb55 spier batch addition. before testing f131e86
@spier @fb55 spier paging for /experts 37a59a6
@spier @fb55 spier paging for /experts 1115aa8
@spier @fb55 spier added some comments 1f221b2
@spier @fb55 spier using other itemPath for search b9bb206
@spier @fb55 spier testing pagination 519d0e2
@spier @fb55 spier adding the /credit.json endpoint 1ee2c73
@spier @fb55 spier selecting /list als itemPath cb0f772
@spier @fb55 spier adding list parameters. cleanup 3383a9e
@spier @fb55 spier last documentation fixes d423328
@spier @fb55 spier trying authorsearch 6f7f44c
@christianvuerings @fb55 christianvuerings Add the ability to include retweets in a twitter user timeline 0d10785
@coderholic @fb55 coderholic Fixed example query, and added optional entities argument c94c931
@spier @fb55 spier initial commit 20872bb
@spier @fb55 spier first online test 0dd6120
@spier @fb55 spier fixing XML file path 3a2348b
@spier @fb55 spier fixing pageSize 9accc28
@spier @fb55 spier fixing constant 2bb9256
@spier @fb55 spier removing execute block 6b6c7f2
@spier @fb55 spier fixing query parameter. ID needs to be used in path instead of AS att…
@spier @fb55 spier changing itemPath 3dd4b4d
@spier @fb55 spier trying pagination c2f4cc8
@spier @fb55 spier entities 5f0cbbd
@spier @fb55 spier online test with entities ef73ceb
@spier @fb55 spier bufix: requires de701a0
@spier @fb55 spier fixing entities table ba1addc
@spier @fb55 spier two new tables af4d60f
@spier @fb55 spier types belongs into the path d086d59
@spier @fb55 spier fixing /topstories 2ec01f6
@spier @fb55 spier /entitygraph mapping 5c22844
@spier @fb55 spier /entitygraph mapping 4bcb167
@spier @fb55 spier /entitygraph mapping ba9bbb2
@spier @fb55 spier minor fixes and documentation 16980fc
@spier @fb55 spier making types parameter batchable 2c91bc1
@spier @fb55 spier batching does not work. removing it for now d5c223a
@spier @fb55 spier batching does not work. removing it for now a51f70f
@spier @fb55 spier .env file 9d72c2f
@spier @fb55 spier removing unnecessary files d4d584a
@pjdonnelly @fb55 pjdonnelly Edited data/jsonpost.xml via GitHub 6f1b517
@fb55 fb55 closed this Aug 30, 2011
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