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I renamed the folder YVoices as yahoo voice is a particular service and yahoo contributor was changed to YVoices. I kept the three tables in the prior folder but added two more. One is YVoices.fans that gets fans from a user's page and favorites, that gets favorites from a user's page

they need null condition testing, but should work for all other cases

houyhnhnm added some commits Feb 6, 2012
@houyhnhnm houyhnhnm Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' a06fdd6
@houyhnhnm houyhnhnm Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' ba29205
@houyhnhnm houyhnhnm The prior yvoice folder should be deleted as the name is improper. Th…
…is folder contains the same tables as before with two added ones,

YVoices.fans that allows you to get the fans on a users page
YVoices.favorites that allow you to get the favorites on a users page

They need testing for the null condition but work in all others.
@houyhnhnm houyhnhnm Deleting yvoice collection because the yvoices table is appropriately…
… named and expanded
@houyhnhnm houyhnhnm The recent articles table displayed an error off of one users table s…
…tructure, the problem arrived because even though in all other cases I checked the table produced the proper output, in this particular users case, the yql query return's structure was uniquely different. so, I added basic conditionals to test throughout the structure of the yql query before I attached content from it to my xml structure.

I did the same for all the tables in the YVoices family
@pjdonnelly pjdonnelly merged commit ae9c75d into yql:master Mar 16, 2012
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Can you lower case the directory name to yvoice - Thanks


I did it the only way I knew how mr. Donnelly

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