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YQL Datatables for PeerIndex API

YQL datatables for the PeerIndex API.

Examples of Usage

First you need to include the YQL datatables into the YQL console and set your PeerIndex API key:

USE "";  
USE "";  
SET api_key="YOUR_API_KEY_HERE" ON peerindex;

Note: When you are using the YQL community tables then you can leave the USE ... statements away.

Get the PeerIndex of one twitter user

SELECT * FROM WHERE id="sebastianspier"


    <name>Sebastian Spier</name>
    <topics>internet and web</topics>
    <topics>open source</topics>
    <topics>software engineering</topics>
        <name>technology and internet</name>
        <term>open source</term>

Query multiple twitter users

SELECT * FROM WHERE id="davewiner" OR id="sebastianspier"  

Advanced: Use twitter search API to find users that are mentioning @peerindex frequently. Then identify the peerindex for these users.

SELECT twitter,name,url,peerindex FROM peerindex.profile WHERE id IN (
    SELECT from_user FROM WHERE q='peerindex' AND rpp='100' 
    | unique(field="from_user_id_str") | sort(field="yahoo:repeatcount") | tail(10) | reverse()
| sort(field="peerindex",descending="true")