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An app to design and generate paper sliceform artwork.
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Sliceform Studio

My name is Yongquan Lu ("YQ" to most people) and I am a paper artist currently studying mathematics and computer science at MIT. Sliceform Studio (formerly Wallpaper) is a system I built with my advisor Erik Demaine at CSAIL to simplify the process of creating and designing sliceform paper artwork, an artform where long strips of paper are cut, folded, and slotted together to form geometric configurations.

The source code is available on Github.

The Theory

For more information about the theory behind the application, please refer to the 2015 Bridges Proceedings or the paper in the Journal of Symmetry.


To the best of my knowledge, the techniques I am exploring were first developed by artists such as Chris Palmer and Jeff Rutzky, and have since been popularized by others such as Christiane Bettens.

I owe the concept of the pattern editor to Craig Kaplan's work on Taprats.

Running the app locally

Make sure you have Node and Bower installed.

In the directory of the app, fetch all node dependencies via:

sudo npm install

Then fetch all bower dependencies:

bower install

To run the app locally:

gulp serve

To build the app as a static website:

gulp build

Note that it may not display correctly as the git repo excludes images and other binary assets.


Any pull requests on Github are welcome!


If you wish to contact me, email at: yqlu -at-


Distributed under the MIT License.

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