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  1. Intro
    1. Why use Goku?
    2. Install
    3. Usage
    4. Tutorial
    5. Note
    6. Changelog
    7. Dependencies
    8. Contributing


Goku is a tool that lets you manage your Karabiner configuration with ease.

Karabiner Elements uses JSON as its config file format. This leads to thousands of lines of JSON (sometimes over 20,000 lines), which makes it really hard to edit the config file and iterate on your keymap.

But fear not! Goku brings the edn format to the rescue.

Why use Goku?

Below are two Karabiner configuration snippets that map caps lock to an escape key.



In practice this means that you can see multiple Karabiner rules on you screen as you edit your config with Goku. Which speeds up the iteration speed significantly as you can create new rules as little as few characters.


brew install yqrashawn/goku/goku


Make sure you have a profile named "Default" in Karabiner's GUI tool. You can specify your own profile name using :profiles keyword.


Goku reads the karabiner.edn file which holds your Karabiner config. This file should be placed inside ~/.config/ directory on your Mac (you can start with example.edn). Starting from version 0.2.2, you can specify your config file path using the environment variable GOKU_EDN_CONFIG_FILE.

Goku provides two commands:

goku: Will update karabiner.json once. gokuw: Will keep watching your karabiner.edn and when it changes, it will update your karabiner.json configuration.

Run command brew services start goku to use it as a service (runs gokuw in background). When Goku is running as service, the logs are kept inside ~/Library/Logs/goku.log.

Use goku -h to learn more.


Read through the Tutorial about how you can write the configuration in Goku.

If there's any question or advice, just open an issue or join Karabiner Telegram group and ask your questions there.


  • Using #_ to comment out rules like this will leave a null rule (see below) in karabiner.json, it won't cause any error.
      "description" : null,
      "manipulators" : [ ]


Check CHANGELOG file.


watchexec for watching the edn config file.
joker for linting the edn config file.


Use lein repl for developing.

Change Makefile.local.example's name to Makefile.local, change GRAALVM variable in the makefile to right path, run make local to test then generate goku binary file.