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- name: Install VMWare Tools
hosts: sles
gather_facts: false
remote_user: root
- name: Mount VMware Tools disk (/dev/cdrom1) - must attach it first
mount: src=/dev/cdrom1 fstype=iso9660 name=/media state=mounted
- command: find /media/ -name "*.tar.gz"
register: vmwaretools_gzip
- name: Extract VMware Tools package
unarchive: copy=no dest=/tmp/ src={{ vmwaretools_gzip.stdout }}
- name: Start VMware Tools installation
command: /tmp/vmware-tools-distrib/ -d
- name: Umount CD-ROM (/dev/cdrom1)
mount: src=/dev/cdrom1 fstype=iso9660 name=/media state=unmounted
- name: Clear installation files
file: path=/tmp/vmware-tools-distrib state=absent