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LICENSE Libraries and external dependencies

SublimeREPL is not a monolithic block of code and some REPLs / functions depends on external libraries.

This means that, although the parts of SublimeREPL that I (wuub) wrote are published under BSD license and you're free to reuse them as you wish, the whole SublimeREPL package is as of now licensed under GPLv2.

- Remote Python depends on a fantastic execnet library by Holger Krekel ( & & execnet is licensed under GPLv2. As a result repls/ and lang_integration:ExecnetVirtualenvRepl are licensed under GPLv2 as well!

- Persistent history depends on buzhug library by Pierre Quentel. ( buzhug is published under the revised BSD licence.

- subprocess_repl depends on killableprocess by Peter Astrand, Mike Taylor and Mikeal Rogers. Please see for details.
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