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// default_extend_env are used to augment any environment variables
// that should be visible for all subporcess repls launched within
// SublimeREPL. This is a very good place to add PATH extension
// once "PATH": "{PATH}:/home/username/mylocalinstalls/bin" or whatever
"default_extend_env": {},
// Persistent history is stored per REPL external_id, it means that all python
// REPLS will share history. If you wish you can disable history altogether
"presistent_history_enabled": true,
// By default SublimeREPL leaves REPL view open once the underlying subprocess
// dies or closes connection. This is useful when the process dies for an unexpected
// reason as it allows you to inspect it output. If you want. Setting this
// to true will cause SublimreREPL to close view once the process died.
"view_auto_close": false,
// Some terminals output ascii color codes which are not curreclty supported
// enable this option to filter them out.
"filter_ascii_color_codes": true,
// Where to look for python virtualenvs
"python_virtualenv_paths": [
"~/.virtualenvs", // virtualenvwrapper
"~/.venv" // venv.bash
// Use arrows for history navigation instead of Alt+[P|N]/Ctrl+[P|N]
"history_arrows": true