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AMQPFS is a "Filesystem as API" approach and implementation that works through AMQPFS, all filesystem providers are available through AMQP bus and can be distributed
in the network.

What's the point? Why one may need this? Well, this project started as a way to integrate some third-party software while maintaining no real files or directories for it. 
For example, it could be used to serve configuration files, receive logs and such. Its use is virtually unlimited.

Plus, it can also utilize multiple instances of providers for the same path which leads us to interesting fault tolerance and availability algorithms.

(Please note that AMQPFS is *very* immature at this point. Some things will definitely be changed, not all calls are implemented and I am
sure there are at least some bugs)


* Erlang R13B03
* make
* gcc
* fuse (libfuse-devel on Linux or macfuse on Mac OS X)

On OS X, make sure you install MacFUSE from .dmg package. MacPorts do have macfuse package,
however, it lacks some crucial elements that target developers.

Build instructions

On Mac OS X, one needs to export PKG_CONFIG_PATH like this (so that fuse.pc can be found by pkgconfig):
$ export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig:$PKG_CONFIG_PATH

$ mkdir ./amqpfs # (for default mount point)
$ make
$ make rabbit # (in a separate terminal/screen session, as it starts RabbitMQ in the foreground)
$ make run # or
$ make run-simple # or
$ NODE=your@rabbitnode make run-mq #

Platforms Compatibilities

* Ubuntu 9.10 x86, fuse 2.7.4 (32-bit & 64-bit) *WORKS*
* Intel Mac OS X 10.5.8, macfuse 2.0.3 (hasn't been tested for a while) *SUPPOSEDLY WORKS*
* Intel Mac OS X 10.6.2, macfuse 2.0.3 *WORKS*


For examples, take a look at src/amqpfs_provider_base.erl, src/root_amqpfs_provider.erl, src/dot_amqpfs_provider.erl and tests/simple_amqpfs_provider.erl

Also, you can find some intro example on how to change response collection and reducing policies at


Feel free to contact Yurii Rashkovskii at if you have any questions.
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