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Erlang Alterline

Erlang alterline is an independent set of patches to Erlang/OTP maintained by Open Source volunteers (well, technically, only one volunteer so far). The intention of alterline is not to fork Erlang, though — the best outcome for it is to be merged into official source tree. However, since most probably it will not be easy to push some of these patches through Erlang/OTP, there is a need to maintain a complete patched repo for our common convenience.

What kind of patches?

So far I patched Erlang only as necessary to work around compiler bugs and limitations while working on a large(ish) Erlang project— primarily focusing on compiler fixes & extensions

How to contact maintainers?

Drop an e-mail to Yurii (yrashk@gmail.com).

Current patches

Extended module parametrization and inheritance
Bug fix for use of module parameters in new() guard expressions
Omit misleading warning on Tuple:Fun(A) calls (it really is misleading, it says “invalid module and/or function name; this call will always fail”, but it will not)