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all: expm
.PHONY: ebin rel
@mix do deps.get, compile
expm: ebin
@mix escriptize
@cp ./expm priv/static
sys.config: sys.config.exs
@mix run "{:ok, b} = \"sys.config.exs\"; {v, _} = Code.eval(b); :io.format(\"~p.~n\", [v])" > sys.config
start: expm sys.config
@ERL_LIBS=deps elixir --sname expm --erl "-pa ebin -config sys -s Elixir-Expm" --no-halt
rel: rel/expm
rel/expm: expm
@mix relex.assemble
start-rel: rel sys.config
@./rel/expm/erts-*/bin/erl -sname expm -config sys -s 'Elixir-Expm' -noinput
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