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+gen_zmq - ØMQ in pure Erlang
+gen_zmq implements the ØMQ protocol in 100% pure Erlang.
+ØMQ is like Erlang message passing for the rest of the world without the
+overhead of a C-Node. So using it to talk to rest of the World seems like
+a good idea. Several Erlang wrappers for the C++ referenz implemention do
+exist. So why reinvent the wheel in Erlang?
+First, because we can ;-), secondly, when using the C++ implementation we
+encountered several segfault taking down the entire Erlang VM and most
+importantly, the whole concept is so erlangish, that it feels like it has
+to be implemented in Erlang itself.
+Main features
+* ØMQ compatible
+* 100% Erlang
+* good fault isolation (a crash in the message decoder won't take down
+ your Erlang VM)
+* API very similar to other socket interfaces
+* runs on non SMP and SMP VM
+* documentation
+* identity support
+* send queue improvements
+* high water marks for send queue

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