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== 0.9.3 "We Sold Our Soul for Rock 'n' Roll" 2008-05-03
* Added render(template_path) feature to view specs.
* add mutex around compiled statement generation in the router so reloading doesn't step
* BootLoader::LoadClasses now logs the actual exceptions
* Added String#unescape_regexp for usage in Router::Route#generate
* Added Time#to_json to Core Extensions so JSON formatted output for Time is ISO 8601 compatible
* redo stream_file to (hopefully) work
* _dispatch returns @body
* Refactored Merb::AbstractController.layout class method
* Fixed lurking infinite loop with not so common formats and ExceptionController
* HTTP Basic authentication based on Rack
* added dispatch helper for http basic authentication
* added support and specs for http basic authorization
* modified specs to test a route restriction based on the request method
* Added ability to specify :format in url() for named routes
* Added thrown_content? predicate method for use in templates.
* pass arguments to filters
* Fix cookie sessions bug where you could not properly delete a cookie
* Standardises the call to set_cookie to use the set_cookie method in cookies.rb by default
* added HasContent matcher
* Added \- to String.unescape_regexp
* Changed the display method to handle options properly, so that passing :layout => :false works.
* Added error message for when a content_type is requested but not provided
* added delete action to docs
* deferred?(env) now works with thin and ebb.
* If deferred_actions are empty? we want a regex that will never match.
* Fix example in Merb::Test::RequestHelper#request documentation.
* Unify &block documentation across Merb::Test::RequestHelper
* Add spec command run options to run_specs. Add tasks for profiled spec run.
* Report total spec suite run time.
* Use RSPEC_OPTS environment variable to override default spec run options.
* Better formatting of spec suite run benchmark with good old sprintf.
* Fix a nasty String#camel_case bug revealed but new shiny spec for String extensions.
* Remove helper that duplicated String#camel_case functionality, update the rest of spec suite.
* Split 'misc' examples group in Kernel extensions spec: each method should have a separate group
* Split Kernel#use_orm guts into a bunch of smaller methods. Document those.
* Kernel#already_registred_orm? is a sucky name. Make it Kernel#registred_orm?. Yay.
* Split Kernel#use_test into smaller methos. Document them. Add specs for them beforehand.
* Use a constant for sleep time in reloading specs
* Use @ in publicity markers in RDoc.
* Remove InvalidPathConversion exception: it is used nowhere in the core.
* A bit clearer --init-file option description.
* Be clear about what is the default init file Merb uses in RDoc.
* hopefully the last fix for session fixation, woot woot
* Provide hook for param filtering
* Give useful information when no template is found for a partial
* Adds a question method to determine environment. eg Merb.env?(:production)
* Make #display method pass all 'unknown' options to serialization method.
* Add Object#in? for checking array inclusion
* Update Kernel#__profile__ documentation.
* Adding support for pidfile setting with cluster nodes setting.
* Updating pidfile cluster fix to handle any extension.
* Fix for kill so that cli options are read and handled before kill is actually called.
* Refactored Exception status handling/inheritance (it actually works now!)
* Replaced remaining ::STATUS constant references to .status method calls
* Append the content_type to the given :template option for render()
* Fix bug in --very-flat (allow direct inheritance from Merb::Controller)
* Show merb usage if first argument is not a switch
* Adding missing info about ebb adapter.
* completed spec to Merb::Logger#new
* Added Provide matcher class, so you can do "controller.should provide( :xml )" in your specs.
* Added support for multiple keys to designate a resource. For use with Datamapper composite keys
* Ensure that Merb::Logger doesn't try to close terminal streams.
* Remove redundant unescape for cookie string
* Added handling of INT signal for Merb server in foreground mode
* params array serialization
* Fixing pidfiles glob on cluster and pidfile argument
* test request helpers support namespaced routes
* Testing Merb::Test::RequestHelper#request method to properly handle namespaced routes
* Provide opts for alternate rackup config path.
* Add new -R/--rackup option to the full(-ish) list of options.
* Make change_priveledge actually work
* Allow http status to be a symbol - refactored String snake_case method
* removing __app_file_trace__ since it doesn't work.
== 0.9.2 "appropriate response to reality" 2008-03-24
* removed Merb.logger calls due to the fact the bootloader did not ran by now and it is not initialized.
* use __send__ rather than send
* Fixed exception setting route when route_index is nil
* memoize the raw_post body after it's called once
* fix Request#raw_post to respect bodies with no rewind method
* remove Kernel#requires it wasn't being used.
* Move fixation to post initialize
* add specs for does_not_provide
* Add specs for action-level only_provides
* Make controller.route work
* Update Ebb adapter to work with latest Ebb 0.1.0 [Ry Dahl]
* fix PATH_INFO bug for fcgi
* Rename url_with_host to absolute_url
* Add url_with_host() and allow params to be pushed into FCGI adapter
* More correct to_json of dictionary.
* Modify dispatcher to be sane to XHRs; add to_json to dictionaries.
* Added html_escape around the exception.message in the show details section.
* Fixed bug not allowing have_tag to be called without a attribute hash, even when one is not desired
* refactor and clean up Merb::BootLoader::Dependencies [James Herdman]
* Merb::BootLoader::LoadClasses should keep unique list of classes
* Logger now works as expected, fixed ReloadClasses bootloader
* Fixes cookie sessions when the session is blanked out.
* catch_content should default to :for_layout
* Added --sandbox (-S) option for IRB console
* Added Merb.testing? method
* Fixes the dispatch_to request helper to conver the action name to a string.
* Added Merb.testing? method
* Fixed critical bug in LoadClasses BootLoader concerning reloading
* Important changes to the BootLoader process
* Added Kernel.load_dependencies method; better docs/comments.
* Bugfixes concerning BootLoader and load order in general
* fully qualify fcgi rack handler
* Set mongrel as default adapter unless other alternative options are specified
* Fix configuring session_id_key so that it works
* url(:foo, 3) should notice 3 is a Fixnum, and use it instead of
* make load order of core_ext explicit
* Modifies before/after in BootLoader to actually work.
* ix not-available vs. not-provided bug in content negotiation
* Fixed display bug which caused default error exception pages to improperly display drop-down twirly if the path name exceeded the line length.
* remove symbolize_keys! as we don't use it anywhere. by now..
* Rework bootloader to make more sense for flat apps (specifically framework load)
* More fixes to the flat autoloader
* remove custom_* resource route, use :member or :collection instead
* fix logger specs
* Fixes bug with framework not being defined.
* make sure logger bang! methods do not flush unless the proper log level is used.
* Updates the request spec to account for the new from_xml behaviour
* Adds specs and changes for compatibility with ActiveSupport. There is one caveat. It will not change YAML generated Hash keys to strings if they are defined as symbols as is currently the behaviour of ActiveSupport.
* update the logger. no longer accept an optional block to call.
* remove some vestigal config defaults
* Add rack adapter for Ebb, damn it's fast!
* coerce the port to an integer when starting mongrel (jruby compat)
* remove specs for dependency as they were broittle and not testing the right thing.
* Fixes #155 (_perform_content_negotiation doesn't find */* if it comes last in the accept header order, and nothing else matches)
* Changes use_test to wrap only the call to dependencies in the check for Merb.environment == "test"
== 0.9.1 "Some are half-wild, and some are just outlaws." 2008-02-29
* Put spec tasks into namespaces and method for specifying pnly a certain model/controller/view to run against
* As a last resort, look for */* in the formats before throwing NotAcceptable (TODO: Clean this up)
* Fix perform_content_negotiation to correctly handle :format in params. Fix render_* to correctly return the correct content_type.
* remove hooks.rb, they were premature and only used in one place
* fix evented mongrel to not go crazy
* Calling /foo.pdf should throw a 406 if :pdf is not a registered mime.
* touch up dispatcher a bit, remove some un-needed code from the hot path
* fix dispatcher to not parse the params twice, still supports request_params
* fix Exception in exception.html.erb
* moved rspec rake tasks into core. Added Merb.rakefiles, which is now used by Merb::Plugins.rakefiles. Changed Kernel#use_test to only load dependency arguments when Merb.env is nil or test.
* do not load test framework unless Merb.env == 'test'
* Use new Object.make_module to create the module instead of old hackish solution.
* Don't clear our mimes previously defined.
* Fixed clean task deleting everything in the lib folder
* Kernel#dependency requires gems/files in a before_app_loads block.
* Move dependency loading after framework and look for framework.rb
* Creates helper stub modules for controllers.
* fix blank path error.
* Cooler errors
* add named routes to error page
* updates to nested resources
* get autotest working for merb-core
* Symbolize params in route generation, to accomodate Mashes
* Fixes :status not working on strings.
* update thin adapter to newest way of silencing the log
* :format => :html possible in partials
* print request URI when "No routes match the request" error thrown
* fix merb -i
* Make Merb.start default to the runner adapter
* It's now possible to send binary data using the send_data method
and to specify the disposition, filename and type of the data being sent.
* Fix memcached session writes
* allow the setting of a custom session key
* Changed TemplateNotFound to stop so much confusion about incorrect
template locations because it doesn't include .*
* fix dropping of pid files in cluster and daemon mode
* Nested partials don't blow away locals.
* Better loading of classes
* Support concat and test capture/concat
* Added single key assignment to Merb.config
* Move url method from ControllerMixin to AbstractController for use in
Mailers and Parts etc.
* Merb.config now returns Merb::Config instead of the current
configuration hash.
* Added Merb.reload which reloads the framework classes.
* Adding Merb.env shorthand for Merb.environment
* Added a quaint Merb Configurator
* With bootloader order changes, environment was not getting loaded
* Fix cookie parsing from localhost, add spec
* Add support for multiple template roots
* Allow override of router.rb file in config
* Modify behavior of 'namespace' in the router
* Fix content negotiation for IE and its stupid accept header.
* Only serve static files when the HTTP method is GET or HEAD. Other
requests should still be handled by Merb.
* Add path_prefix support.
* Changes dispatch_to spec helper to yield the controller
* redo of load_dependency, after_app_loads callback, and Kernel changes
* Added Merb.logger.auto_flush
* Fix nested resource routing
* Do not drop PID file is not running as daemon or cluster
* Fixed problem with resources inside a namespace block
* Added support for dynamic layouts.
* adding conditional behaviour to filters :if and :unless
* Use the escape_xml from Erubis rather than rolling our own
* Add a merb.reload! command to the merb -i console.
* Get rid of StringScanner dependency.
* Fix render_then_call to support new streaming tech.
* Fix filter specs to respect append order of filters.
* check for empty string before calling to_sym on the format parameter
* fake requests are incorrectly loading controller classes with namespaces
* Fix the RubyGems monkeypatch by testing for Merb.root instead of looking in $"
* fix core spec dependency on merb_rspec
* Replace calls to puts with Merb.logger
* Fix problem with static files, use Proc === body
* Added file and line information for evals in router.rb.
== 0.9.0 "All you need, none you don't" 2008-02-13
* Developer Only Release
* Split merb into merb-core and merb-more
== 0.5.3 "Inexperienced With Girls" 2008-01-28
* Improved handling of models/controllers with dependencies
* Improved cluster starting/stopping
* Frozen script/merb should really work now
* Merb::Cookies is used for cookie jar purposes
* test_helper no longer assumes rspec mocking framework
* asset bundler handles strings and symbols
* render() now has an option for explicitly rendering an object
* Fixed annoying bug in exception rendering for 500 internal_server_error
* testing request helper accepts an option hash
== 0.5.2 "Great White North" 2008-01-14
* Make Merb.load_paths accessible for modification
* Fix issues with running frozen apps
== 0.5.1 "Electic Boogaloo" 2008-01-10
* Fix 0.5.0
== 0.5.0 "Thanks Zed" 2008-01-09
* Added asset bundling for Javascript and stylesheet files
== 0.4.2 "Surf's up." 2007-12-14
* Super-huge speed boost for rendering Erubis templates with partials
* Windows-specific fixes to Merb's Rakefile
* Blocking write is called when in development, test, Windows and jRuby environments and platforms.
* merb_helpers: form field labels are now explicit, huge documentation update, added select, fieldset, more helpers
* Fixed merb.show_routes within merb -i
* Fixed image_tag, css_include_tag, and js_include_tag to work with path_prefix
* Adds spec helper methods with_route and dispatch_to
* fix rakefile cfor cygwin
* add count with collection to partial()
* Form control mixin is deprecated Use merb_helpers plugin.
* add redirect matcher to rspec test helpers
* allow r.resource(:foo, :myparam => 42) resource routes pass on params to underlying match() call
* spit out error and help message if you call merb with no args
* get rid of dependency on mongrel for escape and unescape
* make sure not to use write_nonblock when logging to STDOUT
* Fixed image_tag, css_include_tag, and js_include_tag to work with path_prefix
* fix set_status to actually work, add docs,
* config/merb.yml is now correctly loaded from Rake and test environment - using Merb::Server.load_config
* added config option to disable loading of the JSON gem - still enabled by default
* don't raise if names local on a partial is nil
* Use svn export instead of checkout upon merb:freeze_from_svn
* Extracted url and other general methods out of ControllerMixin into GeneralControllerMixin
* fix caching of @_buffer in render, form_for
* Seperates spec helpers into the Merb::Test namespace to prevent spec methods leaking into specs
* Changes the spec url helper method to the same used in the controller
* Made Request#parse_multipart return an empty hash instead of nil if the request is not multipart
* Changes throw_content so that it can be called without a block
* Added :namespace option to routes.
== 0.4.1 "Faster Partials or Partially Faster?" 2007-11-12
* Fixed pluralization issues with generators
* Resource generators are much improved
* url() helper now supports nested resources
* url(:post, @post) observers @post.new_record? and adjusts accordingly
* Fixed bug with empty Accept headers
* Added config/boot.rb to load framework from gems or framework/ dir
* New partial() is much faster (and less buggy)
* render :partial no longer supported
* Add a buffered logger
* Fixes bug with parameterized actions on some platforms
* partial can now be called on collections:
* partial("widget", :with => @new_widgets, :as => "widget")
* SMTP mailer now supports non-AUTH setups
* set_status() can take symbolic codes like :not_found
* JRuby compat fixes
* Speed boost, esp. with rendering
* Fix spec_helper running against development database
* Fix major bug with sessions not working
== 0.4.0 "This ain't yo mommas merb" 2007-11-06
== 0.3.7 "Out of the basement" 2007-08-05
== 0.3.4 "Route fixer" 2007-05-31
== 0.3.3 "Hey buddy can you spare a route generator?" 2007-05-31
== 0.3.1 "The Fixed and the Furious" 2007-04-30
== 0.3.0 "The Fast and the Furious" 2007-04-28
== 0.2.0 "Accept your fate and respond_to change" 2007-03-18
== 0.1.0 "Generation Herb" 2007-01-18
== 0.0.9 "merb is the new black" 2007-01-14
== 0.0.8 "Merbivore" 2006-12-17
== 0.0.7 "Lean and mean merbing machine" 2006-11-29
== 0.0.6 "The Black Belt Release" 2006-11-09
== 0.0.5 "The getting real release" 2006-11-01
== 0.0.4 "The toddler phase" 2006-10-26
== 0.0.3 "the switchblade suicide release" 2006-10-17
== 0.0.2 "the quicksliver release" 2006-10-16
== 0.0.1 "The pocket rocket release" 2006-10-15