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This document explains in as much details as possible the list of planned changes and work to be done on the Ranch project. It is non-exhaustive and subject to change. Items are not ordered.

  • Write examples.

    Ideally we would have one complete example per folder.

    Examples should be commented. They may or may not be used for writing the user guides.

  • Write user guides.

    We currently have good API documentation, but no step by step user guides.

  • Continuous performance testing.

    Initially dubbed the Horse project, Ranch could benefit from a continuous performance testing tool that would allow us to easily compare the impact of the changes we are introducing, similar to what the Phoronix test suite allows.

  • Transport upgrades.

    Some protocols allow an upgrade from TCP to SSL without closing the connection. This is currently not possible through the Ranch API.

  • Resizing the acceptor pool.

    We should be able to add more acceptors to a pool but also to remove some of them as needed.

  • Add Transport:secure/0.

    Currently Cowboy checks if a connection is secure by checking if its name is 'ssl'. This isn't a very modular solution, adding an API function that returns whether a connection is secure would fix that issue.