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Announcement of going into maintenance mode

We will keep compatible with v0.6,
and as such will stop adding new features. We will still fix
bugs and issues, though.
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@@ -42,9 +42,13 @@ Make sure you have the erlang-crypto and erlang-dev packages installed if you're
your Erlang manually, as Erlang packages in Linux distros tend to be
either outdated or broken. Or both.
+## Roadmap has entered maintenance mode. The original []( library has been upgraded to version 0.7.x (and the oddly similar version 0.8.x), which is incompatible with major ways with the 0.6.x versions that implements. The latest versions took more and more the shape of an entire framework that breaks backwards compatibility on the client-side as well as the server side, which the current team of maintainers disagree with.
+Because of this, we will be keeping the features as they are. We will still maintain the application and try to fix all issues and bugs to keep it working, but the development itself will be stalled.
- License
- How can I contribute?
-- Roadmap
- Known Issues

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