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Socket.IO for Erlang


Socket.IO aims to make live apps possible in every browser and mobile device, blurring the differences between the different transport mechanisms.

What is for Erlang?

Socket.IO-erlang is a full-blown server reimplementation in Erlang that is fully compatible with's javascript client library.

How to use

For the time being, take a look at demo/demo.erl


Depending on a way you have your Erlang distribution installed, you might need crypto/ssl support in Erlang or you will get errors like this:

Uncaught error in rebar_core: {'EXIT',
make: *** [deps] Error 1



If you use MacPorts to install Erlang instead of Homebrew or manual builds, this is how you install SSL for Erlang:

sudo port install erlang +ssl


Make sure you have the erlang-crypto and erlang-dev packages installed if you're on Debian, erlang-crypto and erlang-devel on Redhat/Fedora. Or better yet, consider building your Erlang manually, as Erlang packages in Linux distros tend to be either outdated or broken. Or both.


  • License
  • How can I contribute?
  • Roadmap
  • Known Issues
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