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StrokeDB is a distributed document-oriented database engine.
Main features are complete decentralization, JSON object format,
metadocuments, integration with runtime (it is just a ruby library).
= Starting points
One of the most important concepts of StrokeDB is a StrokeDB::Document.
= Installing StrokeDB
=== Requirements
Install ossp-uuid library:
$ brew install ossp-uuid # (MacOSX)
You need to install few gems in order to run StrokeDB:
$ gem install diff-lcs json RubyInline
If you can't install ossp-uuid for some reason, then install uuidtools gem as well.
*Note*: There is no need in <tt>uuidtools</tt> if you use JRuby
=== Getting source code
$ git clone git://
=== Installing rubygem
$ gem install strokedb
=== <i>(Optional) Running test suite</i>
$ gem install rcov echoe rspec
$ rake sup
* Yurii Rashkovskii <>
* Oleg Andreev <>