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Annotate The Bastards!

This is the repo of the now not working mobile app called Annotate The Bastards!

It was running on an old Heroku service they killed so I grabbed the repo and put a static page up in its place. One of these days I'll get around to making it all work again.

This is the Rails app that built it. Be warned, some of this code is downright terrible!

Old Details:

Annotate The Bastards! was a mobile web app that worked as an alternate interface to display the detailed annotations for the novels of William Gaddis that can be found on

While reading JR I found it difficult to use the annotations on on anything other than a full computer with monitor, and that is just not ideal. I pulled together this mobile web app so that I could use my iPhone to read along with the novel.

Built by Nicholas Fine with Ruby on Rails and jQuery Mobile and once hosted on Heroku.


All code and materials by Nicholas Fine are under the zlib license.

ANY AND ALL MATERIAL FROM is their own copyright and I make no claims whatsoever. This is merely an app to present their wonderful information in a clearer way.

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