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Replace "Twitch" by "Twitter", then "Pokemon" by "Snake" and you get…

Twitter Plays Snake

These scripts provide a simple snake game, simple visual outputs, and simple commands to deal with inputs from Twitter.

The result is @letsplaysnake.

It follows @dariusk's «Basic Twitter bot etiquette».

Instructions are in the account's bio.

Yes, it's all written in R.

Some rules

  • The script gets one random tweet since its last update. Only the first command. No more than one per player.
  • If it gets no input, it keeps moving in the same direction like in the original game.
  • Speed varies like in the version I was playing on a Macintosh (Classic?) long time ago. Tweets are more frequent as the snake gets longer.
  • The mouse moves randomly, but not often. This was meant to avoid Twitter blocking the account when it gets no input and thus posts the same tweet twice.
  • The board is a torus.