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walle is a tool for android written in Java. This project re-implement its some features via go

walle-cli.go vs walle-cli


go build walle-cli.go


go install walle-cli.go

Usage of walle-cli

It is a command line tool for processing channel apk

walle-cli command [args]

The commands:

  • show print the channel info for specified apks
  • gen generate apks with specified channel info


walle-cli show [-r] <files...>
      -h  help
        print help message of command `show`
      -r  raw
        print raw text associated to id 0x71777777


Show channel of files:

walle-cli show /foo/bar/A.apk /foo/bar/bar/B.apk

Show raw channel info (may contains extras) of files:

walle-cli show -r /foo/bar/A.apk /path/to/B.apk


walle-cli gen [-o out] [-f] [-d] -c <channel> [-e extras] <file>
      -c  channel(s)
        generate apk with specified channel(s), split multiple channels with ','
      -d  debug
        print debug log
      -e  extras
        generate apk with specified extras info (key value pairs, e.g thing=test,boom=1)
      -f  force
        force to overwrite existing channeled apk in output directory
      -h  help
        print help message of command `gen`
      -o  output
        output dir, generated channel apk(s) will store in here. default is input's dir


Generate channel babala apk to outdir /foo/bar/channel/ :

walle-cli gen -o /foo/bar/channel/ -c babala /foo/bar/bar/B.apk

Generate channel babala apk to same dir of input :

walle-cli gen -c babala /foo/bar/bar/B.apk

Generate channels babala,balala,balaba apks to outdir /foo/bar/channel/ :

walle-cli gen -o /foo/bar/channel/ -c babala,balala,balaba /foo/bar/A.apk

Generate apk with channel babala and extras a=1,b=true to the same dir of input:

walle-cli gen -c babala -e a=1,b=true /foo/bar/A.apk
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