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Edited readme to point people to Google's new ViewPager library instead

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HorizontalPager for Android
+((NOTE)) This library is obsoleted by Google's release of their own [ViewPager]( library as part of the Android Compatibility Package, revision 3. I would recommend using that for any new development.
HorizontalPager is a modified version of Marc Reichelt's [RealViewSwitcher]( It's essentially a horizontal ScrollView that snaps to a full-width child (like the Android homescreen's switching behavior). This modified version supports vertically scrolling children inside the view (Lists, vertical ScrollView children), animates a little more quickly and consistently to views regardless of how "far away" a child is when the animation is requested, scrolls a bit more easily, and is screen-density-neutral regarding swipe sensitivity. It also includes a demo of how you can nest vertically scrolling elements inside the pager and use a RadioGroup as a tablike controller to switch pages (somewhat like the Android 2.0+ News widget). There's a [simple demo]( to get you started in addition to the [more complex one]( with an [XML layout](, or just grab the [PageSwitcher class](, drop it into your app, and get rolling.
![PageSwitcher screenshot](

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