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What is markdown2impress?

markdown2impress is script to convert markdown into presentation using impress.js.

How to use?

  1. Write markdown.

  2. Run, then generate 'js/impress.js', 'css/impress.css' and 'index.html'.

     % markdown2impress

Slide Dividing rule

Each slide is divided into sections.

'data-*' attribute rule

'data-*' attribute for impress.js represent HTML comment. This comment must be write in secion.

<!-- data-x="2400" -->
<!-- data-y="3000" -->
<!-- data-z="-100" -->
<!-- data-scale="10" -->
<!-- data-rotate="90" -->

markdown2impress assume and calculate default x,y, if you do not specify this.

See impress.js manual for details.

Command line options

  • --width=1200

    Width of slide.

  • --height=800

    Height of slide.

  • --column=5

    Column of slide.

  • --outputdir=.

    Output directory.