Crystal and Shards packages for Alpine Linux
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Crystal on Alpine Linux (APKBUILD)

See for an APK repository.


You also need a crystal binary (only the binary is required). You may build a musl-libc aware statically linked compiler on the linux host, mirror the packages repository (in the packages folder) or add the packages repository to /etc/apk/repositories.

By default the provisioner uses the packages folder as a repository, because this is where packages are built and thus available.


You may run make once you have packages be built for all architectures. You may also use vagrant manually. For example:

vagrant up --provision
vagrant ssh alpine64 -c "cd /vagrant/testing/crystal; abuild -r"
vagrant ssh alpine32 -c "cd /vagrant/testing/shards; abuild -r"
vagrant destroy


If you're bootstraping a compiler, you'll have to build then install the gc package before trying to compile Crystal:

vagrant ssh alpine64 -c "cd /vagrant/testing/gc; abuild -r"
vagrant ssh alpine64 -c "sudo apk update ; sudo apk add --upgrade gc gc-dev"

New Release

When a new version of Crystal and/or Shards is released, edit the version numbers in the respective APKBUILD, then compute the checksums. For example:

vagrant ssh alpine64 -c "cd /vagrant/testing/crystal; apk checksum"
vagrant ssh alpine32 -c "cd /vagrant/testing/shards; apk checksum"


In order to run the Crystal spec suite the following packages are required:

apk add libxml2-dev openssl-dev readline-dev gmp-dev yaml-dev

Please note that encoding specs use the GB2312 encoding that isn't supported by musl-libc and are thus failing.