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A pure Ruby alternative to Pow!!

Aka a Rack application spawner and proxy for simpler local development. Calling myapp.dev and subdomain.myapp.dev with no configuration is simpler than editing your hosts file, starting your applications manually on port 3000, etc.


Prax has been rewritten in Crystal, and this Ruby version is only kept for people that are still using this version, or are interested in a pure Ruby HTTP proxy and Rack application spawner.

You are highly encouraged to switch to the Crystal version, as the Ruby version isn't maintained anymore, and I've been using the Crystal version for months now, without any problem (spawning Rack applications and proxying to Vagrant boxes). It should also avoid most bugs with Ruby Version Managers thought I don't use one anymore (hence Vagrant).

Please check Prax (Crystal port)

Installing (GNU/Linux)

Refer to INSTALL.rdoc if you still want to install the original Ruby version of Prax.


  • Julien Portalier <julien@portalier.com>

  • Sam Stephenson, Nick Quaranto, 37signals for the sub command and Pow!

  • pyromaniac for the initial NSSwitch extension