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A plugin for ingress OPR page
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A plugin for ingress OPR page

Edited from opr-tools on Gitlab. Specially customized for Mainland China users
Special thanks to original author Oliwer Christ @1110101

Added Features:

  • Add links for Intel Map, OSM, Baidu Map, Tencent Map, and Baidu StreetView
  • Buttons to submit common 1-star rating and remark with one click
  • Add common ratings according to Niantic's Guideline, and automatically select the category of the candidate
  • Match the possible duplicate portals by title

Known Issues

  • Sometimes the script will fail or be very slow to initialize, especially at the first time of page loading. Reloading will fix this issue.
  • After clicking the one-key rating button for 1-star items, the "Cancel" button on confirmation dialog may fail to function normally. You can cancel your decision by clicking the blank areas outside the dialog.
  • The script will fail to work on FireFox, and I don't know why. So please use Google Chrome with Tampermonkey.

If there are any feedback/new feature requirement, please create an issue.


OPR 页面辅助插件

本项目由 Gitlab 上的 opr-tools 修改而来, 为中国大陆用户做了特别优化 感谢原作者 Oliwer Christ @1110101


  • 增加了到 Intel, OSM, 百度地图, 腾讯地图和百度街景的跳转链接
  • 增加了常见拒绝理由的按钮, 自动在评论框中添加拒绝原因并提交一星
  • 按照 Niantic 发布的审核指导规则英文版 中文版 在下拉菜单中添加了常见候选 portal, 自动打分并添加评论和种类
  • 根据 portal 标题尝试自动匹配重复 portal


  • 由于页面的 AJAX, 插件可能会在页面元素全部显示完成后一段时间后加载完成 (常见于初次页面加载), 刷新页面可解决此问题
  • 评分一星后确认对话框的 "取消" 键可能会失去响应, 点击页面空白处即可返回审核页面
  • 此脚本在火狐浏览器上暂不可用, 请使用 Chrome 浏览器 + Tampermonkey 插件

如果对插件有任何反馈或新功能需求, 请在 issue 中提出

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