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YSFS 2.0 - Blender 2.75+ addon for YSFlight simulator (aircraft, vehicle) -
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YSFS 2.0

YSFlight scripts for Blender 2.75+, that allow creating, editing and export mesh as SRF & DNM files.

Some of this scripts based on "exportsrf" scripts, originaly created by Mr Mofumofu and licensed under MIT License

Addons for Blender older 2.70 placed here:

##HOW INSTAL All files must be placed in one subfolder (without additional ierarchy) inside your main Blender addons folder: ../Blender/2.75/scripts/addons/ysfs_2_0/


  • Add function for export meshes to YSFLIGHT file formats: SRF, DNM.
  • Installing with standard Blender Plugin Install Steps.
  • It will work with upper Blender 2.75.

Export SRF

Export selected mesh object as single SRF file.

Export DNM

Export all objects in scene to single DNM file.

Explode SRF

Export all objects in scene separatly - one SRF file per each mesh object.


  • Smoothing: Shading -> Faces -> Smooth
  • Color: Material-> Diffuse -> Color
  • Transparent: Material-> Z-Transparency-> Alpha
  • Self Lightning: Material -> Shading -> Emit


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