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NIPS 2017 Competition on Adversarial Attacks and Defenses

Submissions to the non-targeted attack, targeted attack, and defense tracks for the NIPS Competition

Non-Targeted Attack

Directory: pgd/

Implemented a weighted ensembled version of the PGD attack introduced by Madry et al.

Weighted Ensemble: (0.35,Inception v3), (0.25,Ensemble Adversarially trained Inception ResNet v2), (0.2,Adversarially trained Inception v3), (0.1,Inception ResNet v2), (0.1,ResNet V2-152)

Final Placement: 14/91

Targeted Attack

Directory: iter_target/

Implemented a ensembled version of the iterative target class attack introduced by Kurakin et al.

Ensemble: Inception v3, Ensemble Adversarially trained Inception ResNet v2, Adversarially trained Inception v3

Instead of ensembling by each iteration averaging the losses (like what was done for non-targeted), generated adversarial examples individually on each model and averaged the resulting solutions.

Final Placement: 6/65


Directory: ensemble_defense/

Performed JPEG-Compression with quality=25 on the adversarial images, fed images to the following weighted ensemble. The mode of the predictions was taken.

Weighted Ensemble: (0.3,Inception ResNet v2), (0.3,Ensemble Adversarially trained Inception ResNet v2), (0.25,ResNet V2-152), (0.15,Adversarially trained Inception v3)

JPEG-Compression quality chosen in order to trade-off reducing the power of strong adversarial examples, while not harming the predictions on clean/weak images.

Final Placement: 11/107


Download DEV dataset

python dataset/ --input_file=dataset/dev_dataset.csv --output_dir=dataset/images/

Download model_checkpoints needed for the non-targeted attack, targeted attack, and defense by navigating to the model_ckpts folder in each directory, and executing ''

Generate adversarial images, and evaluate results on a set of undefended models with simple image processing defenses available by executing the commands provided in 'commands.txt'. Docker required, Nvidia-docker if GPUs would like to be used.


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