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An application container using CouchApp and node.js/Express.

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This readme is still underconstruction. Wait a minutes for official release!.


A various application middleware set using CouchApp and node.js/Express. This package is developed for CouchDB-JP web site, but it can be available for various community/personal sites.


  • CouchDB 1.0.1 above
  • node.js 0.3.X
  • npm


$ git clone git://
$ cd sunrise
$ npm install .

Create Site

To host a sunrise site, you can generate a site application using sunrise:create command.

$ sunrise:create /path/to/your/site

Then you can launch boot.js to

$ node /path/to/your/site/boot.js

By default, following configurations are used.

  • admin/password for CouchDB authentication
  • for the container server.

Go to http://{your_host}:8888/ to see your site.

Modify Your Site

Sunrise site can install or customize by node script. See /path/to/your/site/node/handler.js, which is an endpoint of the container.

For more details, please check source code and documentations in official repository.

Test (for developers)

Before you launch test script, you need to install expresso package using npm.

$ expresso -I lib test/test.*

or you can check coverage:

$ expresso -I lib --cov test/test.*

Available Applicaitons

  • posts
  • chat (TBD)
  • wiki (TBD)
  • file uploader (TBD)
  • realtime chat (TBD)
  • ....


MIT license

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