Programming Assignments Compiling, Executing, and Reporting system
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Programming Assignments Compiling, Executing, and Reporting system

Quick start

0. Download PACERs.

Run git clone and cd PACERs,
or Releases > Latest release > Download source code, extract it, and cd to the extracted directory..

1. Collect submitted source files.

For example:

    |-student 01.c
    |-student 02.c
    |-student 03.c


2. Run PACERs.

  • On Windows: test-assignments\c-assignment-2 --user-input "1 2" "3 4"
  • On Linux: ./ test-assignments/c-assignment-2 --user-input "1 2" "3 4"

3. Open the generated HTML report

Open the generated report <CWD>/output/c-assignment-2/report-c-assignment-2.html with your favorite browser.
The generated html file is written in unicode (utf-8), so if your browser shows broken characters, please change the browser text encoding option to unicode or utf-8.

example-result To score each submission, you can open the report in WYSIWYG HTML editors (e.g. Visual Studio) and edit it.


  • Python 2.x
  • CMake
  • Pygments
    Install in Windows - pip install pygments
    Install in Linux - sudo pip install pygments
  • Unidecode
    Install in Windows - pip install unidecode
    Install in Linux - sudo pip install unidecode
  • Chardet
    Install in Windows - pip install chardet
    Install in Linux - sudo pip install chardet

Note for Windows

On MS Windows, please add the path to vcvars32.bat to the system path. For example:

  • Visual Studio 2010
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\VC\bin  
  • Visual Studio 2015
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0\VC\bin  
  • Visual Studio 2017
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2017\Community\VC\Auxiliary\Build  

If you have installed multiple versions of Visual Studio and want to use one of them for PACERs, just add the path of that version to the system path.
Currently, PACERs only supports Visual Studio for C/C++ complier on Windows.

Supported submission types & languages

The type of each submission is auto-detected by PACERs.

Submission types Meaning
SINGLE_SOURCE_FILE Each submission has a single source or resource file which constitutes a single project (and a program).
SOURCE_FILES Each submission has source or resource files without any kind of project files. A single source file in a submission constitutes a single project (program).
CMAKE_PROJECT Each submission has CMakeLists.txt and constitutes a single project (and a program).
VISUAL_CPP_PROJECT Each submission has *.vcxproj or *.vcproj and constitutes a single project (and a program).

The tested envirionments for each submission type are shown in the table.

Submission types Language Tested environment
SINGLE_SOURCE_FILE or SOURCE_FILES C & C++ Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2015 - Windows 10 (Kor)
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 - Windows 10 (Kor)
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express - Windows 8.1 with Bing (Eng)
gcc 4.8.4 - Ubuntu 14.04 (Kor)
gcc 5.4.0 - Ubuntu 16.04 (Eng)
SINGLE_SOURCE_FILE or SOURCE_FILES Python Python 2.7.14 - Windows 10 (Kor)
Python 3.5.4 - Windows 10 (Kor)
SINGLE_SOURCE_FILE or SOURCE_FILES text file N/A (just showing the text)
SINGLE_SOURCE_FILE or SOURCE_FILES image file N/A (just showing the image, '.jpg', '.jpeg', '.gif', '.png', '.bmp' are supported.)
CMAKE_PROJECT C & C++ Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2015 - Windows 10 (Kor)
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 - Windows 10 (Kor)
gcc 5.4.0 - Ubuntu 16.04 (Eng)
VISUAL_CPP_PROJECT C & C++ Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2015 - Windows 10 (Kor)
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 - Windows 10 (Kor)

Try other test-assignments

  • C source file
./ test-assignments/c-assignment-1
./ test-assignments/c-assignment-2 --user-input "1 2" "3 4"
  • Python source file
./ test-assignments/python3-assignment-1
  • Text file
./ test-assignments/txt-assignment-1
  • Image file
./ test-assignments/img-assignment-1
  • Zip file
./ test-assignments/zip-assignment-1 --user-input "2 5" "10 20"
./ test-assignments/zip-assignment-2 --user-input "2 5" "10 20"
  • Directory
./ test-assignments/dir-assignment-1 --user-input "2 5" "10 20"
  • CMake project
./ test-assignments/cmake-assignment-1
  • Visual C++ project (Windows only)
./ test-assignments/vcxproj-assignment-1
  • Visual C++ GUI project (Windows only)
./ test-assignments/vcxproj-GUI-assignment-1 --timeout 0 --exclude-patterns SDL2-2.0.4/*

You can run all test-assignments at once by the run-test-assignments script.

  • On Windows: run-test-assignments.bat
  • On Linux: ./

Note for Interpreted Languages

PACERs runs a default interpreter command based on the source file extension.
For example, the following command would execute python test-assignments/python3-assignment-1/<a python file>.py for each .py file in the assignment directory:

./ test-assignments/python2-assignment-1

For some cases, you may need to run other interpreter commands rather than default one.
For example, if you want to use Python 3 on a Windows system with both Python 2 and Python 3 installed, you can use:

py -2 --interpreter-cmd "py -3" test-assignments/python3-assignment-1

If you need to run some shell command before running the target script, you can use --pre-shell-cmd argument.
For example, if you want to specify the Python virtual environment (using virtualenvwrapper) for .py files different from the environment where PACERs runs, you can use:

./ --pre-shell-cmd "workon <environment name>" test-assignments/python2-assignment-1


Please read help-pacers.txt for detailed usage.

Support for encodings

PACERs supports various encodings for file name, directory name, and source file contents with chardet and unidecode modules.
Please try test-assignments for encodings:

./ test-assignments/test-encoding
./ test-assignments/test-한글-cp949
./ test-assignments/test-한글-utf8 is a PACERs script for capturing shell command output for each submission as a text file.
Please try:

./ test-assignments/zip-assignment-1 --cmds "ls" "ls -al"

Please read help-pacers-cmd.txt for detailed usage.