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YSU Computer Club Constitution

The official copy of the YSU Computer Club Consitituion is located at - any other copies are invalid or recreations

Visit us at

Article I. Name

The name of this organization shall be known as YSU Computer Club (YCC).

Article II. Purpose & Goals

The objectives of the organization shall be:

  1. To be a community for any student with a vested interest in the world of computing, including, but not limited to: coding, gaming, hardware, and robotics.
  2. To host events including, but not limited to: HackYSU, Local Hack Day, and any other educational/recreational computing events the organization sees fit.
  3. To promote membership in ACM (, NEOACM (, and Code Youngstown (, and attendance of their events.

Article III. Membership

Section 1: Requiements for membership

Membership is open to any YSU students who are interested in any facet of technology.

Section 2: Active membership

A member is considered an active member if they have been registered in Symplicity and have been active in the YSU Computer Club Discord (

Article IV. Membership duties

Section 1: Procedure for hosting an event

YSU Computer Club hosts events throughout the academic year. Every event shall be led by a self-appointed member of YSU Computer Club - even non-officers may choose to lead an event. This member shall delegate tasks as needed to other YSU Computer Club members.

Section 2: Procedure for disciplining and/or removing a member

  1. When any member represents the organization in an unaccepted way and/or any member behaves in a disruptive way in meetings or events, the officers must notify the advisor.
  2. After notification, a notice of the issue shall be given to the member. One week after the notice, a meeting shall be held where the member shall be able to share their perspective on the issue.
  3. After this meeting, the officers have the right to remove the membership under the circumstance that the member is found to be unchanged. A three-fifths vote of the officers’ votes are required to take the removal of membership action. 3a. Removal consists of a ban to all YSU Computer Club systems including but not limited to: YSU Computer Club Discord and appearing at YSU Computer Club Events. 3b. After a time period of two full time semesters (one calendar year) has elapsed, the member has the ability to submit a written appeal to the current officers demonstrating a remedy of the issue.
  4. If the member does not appear to the agreed upon meeting and/or the member decides to leave the YSU Computer Club Discord, the member has thus waived their right to defend themselves at the meeting.

Article V. Officers

Officers consist of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Lead Safety Officer.

Section 1: Requirements

  1. The officers of the organization must be enrolled as students in good academic standing within the University.
  2. The officers must at the time of their election into office have the intent to remain a student at Youngstown State University for at least the next full academic year.

Section 2: Time of Officer Selection

  1. Officer Elections shall be held in March. The new officers shall begin their terms on the day they are notified.
  2. A transition period consisting of the month of April shall be used to properly train the newly elected officers by the previous officers of the organization.

Section 3: Officer Selection Process

  1. An open call for officer applications shall be sent to all members by the President and must stay open for at least 1 week. It must include the applicant's name and and reasons why the applicant believes they will be a good officer.
  2. Once officer applications have closed an open call for votes shall be sent to all members by the President and must stay open for at least 1 week.
  3. The winners and number of votes (but not for whom who voted) shall be announced by the President during an open meeting.

Section 4: Officer Duties

President - shall coordinate timely group meetings, prepare agenda for meetings, communicate with the officers and meet with the advisor when it is needed. The President should also ideally be the visionary for the Club, and have a grasp on all activities and event-planning therein.

Vice President - shall assist the President to coordinate timely group meetings, prepare agenda for meetings, communicate with the officers and meet with the advisor when it is needed. Shall preside in the absence of the President. The Vice President should also ideally be the visionary for the Club, and have a grasp on all activities and event-planning therein.

Treasurer - shall manage the finances of the YSU Computer Club. Shall record income and expenditures and review budgets proposed by the events committee. The Treasurer must review each proposed expenditure with the President. The Treasurer must advise students wishing to fundraise for YSU Computer Club's activities on best-practices, and is expected to educate themselves and reach out to YSU and the community on such matters. The Treasurer must work with the advisor to complete and submit a 990-N every tax year.

Secretary - shall keep meeting notes for all meetings, keep documentation of events held, write procedual documentation on how to go about running events including new events that YCC may run in the future and, maintain organization of the YCC Google Drive. The Secretary shall also maintain current members in Symplicity to comply with YSU Student Activities.

Lead Safety Officer (optional, the other four officers may be trained to be the safety officer if there is nobody willing to fill this role) - shall be the primary point of contact regarding disputes between members in the club and at any YCC event. They shall also be the primary liaison with Student Conduct should an issue or incident occur, and shall be responsible to be up to date on the Student Code of Conduct and convey these policies to the organization.

Section 5: Officer Removal

The officers of the organization may remove a fellow officer from office by a three-fourths majority vote of the board, as determined by a public vote in a regular meeting. The members may remove an officer by a two-thirds majority vote in the YCC Discord, and the poll must stay posted for a period of one week. A one week notice must be given of intent to remove the officer as well as contacting the faculty advisor about the removal proceedings.

Section 6: Officer Resignation

Officers wishing to withdraw will need to contact all other officers of the organization and state their intentions of resignation in writing.

Section 7: Filling an Empty Officer Role in the case of an Officer Resignation or Removal

In the case of an officer resignation or removal, the President (or Vice President if the President withdrew or was removed) must immediately begin the Officer Selection process as per Article IV Section 3 to fill the role for the rest of the original officer's term.

Article VI. Financial Procedures

Section 1. Financial Transactions

All monies belonging to this organization shall be deposited and disbursed through a bank account established for this organization at the Student Organization Finance Center and/or the Fiscal Office at YSU. All funds must be deposited within 24 hours after collection. The Treasurer or President must approve and sign expenditures before payment. In the absence of both officers the remaining officers must review said expenditures with the faculty advisor. The Treasurer and President shall also maintain faculty advisor approval of fundraising, fundraising practices, expenses, and expense practices.

Article VII. Advisor Expectations

  1. The advisor to YCC shall be a YSU employee as defined by the Human Resources Department. The advisor shall be willing to obtain an appropriate level of experience, resource information and knowledge related to the mission, purpose and activities of the organization.
  2. The advisor shall regularly attend executive and general meetings. They shall be available for consultation outside of these meetings.
  3. The advisor shall assist the organization with the development of goals and objectives for the academic year. The advisor shall also assist the organization with event planning and facilitation. When necessary, the advisor shall be willing to attend events when necessary as identified through the planning process.
  4. The advisor shall be aware of the University student rules and shall assist the organization with adherence to these expectations.

Article VIII. Amendments and Revisions

This constitution may be amended at any time by three-fifths vote of the officers, as determined by a public vote in a regular meeting. The constitution is reviewed annually and subject to the approval of the Department of Student Programming.


Youngstown State University's Computer Club Constitution






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