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Windows Azure Mobile Services Picture Upload (npm)
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This recipe automates backend set up and fetches client files with Azure Mobile Services to provide Windows Store apps with a blob storage solution for file upload. Platform: Windows Store Apps Project language: C#

Getting started

Before Installation

Make sure node.js is installed (install at as well as npm modules azure-cli and azuremobile-recipe. To do so, run in command line:

npm install -g azure-cli
npm install -g azuremobile-recipe

Note: users with Azure CLI installed through the Windows .msi installer will not be able to access recipes at this point of time.

Install it

npm install -g azuremobile-fileupload

To set up file upload for a C# project with account downloaded and imported as well as an existing storage account and an existing mobile service created, cd to project directory and run in command line:

azure mobile recipe execute <servicename> fileupload

The module will create an album table and a picture table, configure their scripts, and download neccessary client-side files in user's working directory.

Use it

Windows Azure Mobile Services SDK for Windows 8 is required for this recipe at


Complete testing scripts coming soon.

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