Ubuntu toolchain setup

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setting up and using the development tools on a Ubuntu-11.04 development host

There where some gotchas with getting the Beta versions of mplab-x tools to work and the code to build. There is painful detail and obsolete screen casts at the bottom available on this blog MPLAB-X mostly works if you are on the newer versions. Here I will include the important bits I think folks may find useful.

MPLABx on ubuntu

  • mplabx beta versions didn't like oracle jdk7 but, jdk6 works (I have not tested JDK7 with the non-beta vesions of mplabx)
  • set JAVA_HOME and jdkhome, and PATH variables such that the JDK of your choosing is used.
  • using the MPLABx as UI to the PICkit3 by making a new project as a pre-built project and navigating to the hex file to use. Program device by right clicking on the project and selecting "program device"

Android SDK + Eclipse + building ioio APK's

  • use import... to import IOIOlib and whatever APK projects you are building.
  • be sure to set the android target to whatever you need to for your device.
  • under project properties Java Compiler make sure to de-select "Enable Project specific settings"
  • you may need to make a IOIOlib/res directory
  • go to the Project Menu (on the menu bar) and select clean...
  • then building the APK tends to work.