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@dstftw dstftw released this May 8, 2020 · 22 commits to master since this release


  • [downloader/http] Request last data block of exact remaining size
  • [downloader/http] Finish downloading once received data length matches
  • [extractor/common] Use compat_cookiejar_Cookie for _set_cookie to always
    ensure cookie name and value are bytestrings on python 2 (#23256, #24776)
  • [compat] Introduce compat_cookiejar_Cookie
  • [utils] Improve cookie files support
    • Add support for UTF-8 in cookie files
    • Skip malformed cookie file entries instead of crashing (invalid entry
      length, invalid expires at)


  • [youtube] Improve signature cipher extraction (#25187, #25188)
  • [iprima] Improve extraction (#25138)
  • [uol] Fix extraction (#22007)
  • [orf] Add support for more radio stations (#24938, #24968)
  • [dailymotion] Fix typo
  • [puhutv] Remove no longer available HTTP formats (#25124)
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