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openDCIM Vagrant

This is a quick setup to pull down a recent version of openDCIM and get it running. As of this commit, it runs openDCIM 4.3.1 on Ubuntu Xenial 16.04.

You need:

Assuming you have the above installed, simply run:

vagrant up

This will fire up a vagrant instance, and openDCIM will be running on http://localhost:8085/ Username is admin, password is admin.

Once you go through the web-based install steps, be sure to rm dcim/install.php to proceed.

Take a look at vagrant/provision.bash to see how installation works.

You can log into the vm by running:

vagrant ssh

If you need to mess with the database, username root, password root will work. For example, to backup the dcim database, you can run:

mysqldump -uroot -proot dcim > /vagrant/dcim.sql

To restore a mysql database:

mysql -uroot -proot dcim < /vagrant/dcim.sql

To shut down the vagrant virtual machine:

vagrant halt

To destroy the vagrant vm (all opendcim data will be lost, unless backed up)

vagrant destroy