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+Multipkg automates and versions your package builds.
+Multipkg is best installed via rpms/debs built by... Multipkg.
+The bootstrap process is a little primitive now, but here are the steps:
+1. Install your developer tools
+ * might be unnecessary now
+ * yum -y groupinstall "Development Tools"
+1. install YAML::Syck and makemaker
+yum install perl-YAML-Syck perl-ExtUtils-MakeMaker
+1. git clone multipkg
+1. cd multipkg
+1. manually build and install your first multipkg package
+PREFIX=./root PKGVERID=0 INSTALLDIR=source scripts/transform
+perl -I ./source/lib root/usr/bin/multipkg -t .
+sudo yum -y install multipkg-*rpm
+1. Remove the first package
+rm multipkg*rpm
+1. Build your final multipkg package from git
+git-multipkg -b multipkg
+1. upgrade on the current host immediately so there is no confusion
+sudo yum upgrade ./multipkg*rpm