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Camera Calibration Under Circular Motion

This is the python implementation supporting our paper "Probabilistic Inference for Camera Calibration in light Microscopy under Circular Motion". We transformed some functions from "Carving a Dinosaur".


  • Linux or macOS
  • Python3.x
  • CMA
  • Mayavi
  • Trimesh
  • Other required packages include numpy, opencv-python, tqdm, numba, scipy For a quick installation for the necessary packages, please run the following code:
pip3 install mayavi
pip3 install PyQt5
pip3 install trimesh
pip3 install cma

Data Preparation

  • We have put our microscopic images for the zebrafish larvae in "dataset/zf_*dpf_s00*".

  • In each subject, we have provided our calibrated data using the baseline method and our proposed methhod which is written in "zf_*dpf_s00*_par_prob(voxel_residual)_CMA.txt". The "prob" is our proposed method, and the "voxel_residual" means the baseline method from our previous work.

  • If you want to try the method on the public dataset like the dinosour, please first find the images from dinosaur dataset, then apply the spacing.getsilhouette to get the masks, finally put the images in "dataset/dinosaur/images" and the masks in "dataset/dinosaur/silhouettes".

  • We have transformed the calibration data for the dinosaur dataset into the format required in the code, which can be found from "dataset/dinosaur/dinosaur_par.txt". The remaining TXT files in "dataset/dinosaur" correspond to the results from the paper.


  • Run the script
python3 --dataset "zf_3dpf_s001"

and you should obtain the following visualization effects. The corresponding 3D metrics of volume and surface area are also printed on your screen.

  • Run the script to test the proposed method on the zebrafish data.
python3 --dataset "zf_3dpf_s001" --optimizer "CMA" --optim_mode "prob"

Please note that the optimization method used in the paper is a type of unconstrained optimizer of which the results may slightly differ from multiple runs.

  • Run the script to test the proposed method on the dinosaur data.
python3 --dataset "dinosaur" --optimizer "CMA" --optim_mode "prob"


If you think our work is valuable and you want to use the code in your study, please cite our work in your manuscript.

title={Probabilistic Inference for Camera Calibration in light Microscopy under Circular Motion},
author={Guo, Yuanhao and Verbeek, Fons J. and Yang, Ge},
journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:1910.13740},


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