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The Taichi Programming Language

High-Performance (Differentiable) Computing on Spatially Sparse Data Structures

Python Frontend Tutorial

PyPI package for Linux (experimental)

# With GPU support (needs CUDA 9.0+)
python3 -m pip install taichi-gpu-nightly --user

# CPU only. No GPU/CUDA needed
python3 -m pip install taichi-nightly --user

Developer Installation

(Note this is for the compiler developers of Taichi lang. I'm building a pip package for end users.) Supports Ubuntu 14.04/16.04/18.04, ArchLinux, Mac OS X. For GPU support, CUDA 9.0+ is needed.

  • Execute python3 -m pip install astpretty astor pytest opencv-python pybind11 Pillow numpy scipy GitPython yapf colorama psutil autograd
  • Execute sudo apt install libtinfo-dev on Ubuntu.
  • (TODO: update) Install taichi with the installation script.
  • If you use the experimental LLVM backend, make sure you have LLVM 8 built from scratch, with
mkdir build
cd build
make -j 8
sudo make install
  • Execute source ~/.bashrc (or source ~/.zshrc) to reload shell config.
  • Execute ti test to run all the tests. It may take a around 20 minutes to run all tests.
  • Check out examples for runnable examples. Run them with python3.

Folder Structure

Key folders are

  • examples : example programs written in Taichi
    • cpp: benchmarking examples in the SIGGRAPH Asia paper (mpm_benchmark.cpp, smoke_renderer.cpp, cnn.cpp)
    • fem: the FEM benchmark
  • include: language runtime
  • src: the compiler implementation (The functionality is briefly documented in each file)
    • analysis: static analysis passes
    • backends: codegen to x86 and CUDA
    • transforms: IR transform passes
    • ir: the intermediate representation system
    • program: the context for taichi programs
    • ...
  • test: unit tests


  • Run with debug mode to see if there's any illegal memory access;
  • Disable compiler optimizations to quickly confirm that the issue is not cause by optimization;


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  author={Hu, Yuanming and Li, Tzu-Mao and Anderson, Luke and Ragan-Kelley, Jonathan and Durand, Fr\'edo},
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